Development of NOBLEZA

NOBLEZA is a brand of pet products from Netherland

June. 4th, 2015 brand registration at European Union

At the end of June, 2015 NOBLEZA began to distribute in Spain.

Up to September 2015, NOBLEZA has more than 1,500 types of products including pet furniture, outdoor, harnesses, food bowls, trimming tools, brushes, toys, training tools, cleaning products, clothing and accessories. It almost covers all products available in the market. Sharing the same idea of AIGO, NOBLEZA gives pet lovers an onestop, multiple choice purchasing experiences.

Relying on developed sales network and logistics, NOBLEZA has distributed to Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Netherland, Germany and Poland and received positive feedbacks on the products. NOBLEZA has the confidence that we can do more and better in the near future.

There is no end in development and service. As a new brand, NOBLEZA provides not only the product but love. On the way to pursue high quality and good reputation, NOBLEZA wishes to design more professional products with personality, dedication and fun. We will shares more experience in raising pets in a happy and scientific manner with pet lovers.

NOBLEZA, we come for love.

Three core values

Quality We have excellent resources of high quality products, to guarantee the quality of every product.

Services We have a professional technical support team, that provides a full rang pre-sales and post-sales services.

Innovation We pursue innovative ideas, dare to explore new areas and develop new products.

Three competitive advantages

Adequate Inventory Our warehouse is more than ten thousand square meters, we can store at least three-month sales volume.

Advanced system management We have an advanced order management system to ensure the accuracy of every order and shipping process.

Better Prices We offer more competitive prices to every client.